Welcome, Singapore Polytechnic School.

30 Sep 2019 – We would like to welcome a group of students from Food Science and Technology, Singapore Polytechnic School. We are very happy that our farm is one of the case studies for their Oversea Immersion Program in Thailand. Students were excited to see how Grandpa Urban Farm can grow our own food in limited space. Also, they were very keen to learn how to be self-sufficient in Bangkok which a big city like Singapore.

Feedback from one of the visitors “The model is both scientific yet natural in its own setting. The hands-on experience & visit were an eye-opener & served as a reminder that urbanization & farming can coexist in a synergetic way. The traditional farming incorporates with modern tech may be the way to educate the masses on sustainability & recyclability is achievable with proper planning & execution.”

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you would get some inspiration for your study. Always welcome and hope to see you next time.