“Open house day” Learn more about Eco living in the city

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4 March 2019, We would like to thank you all visitors for joining the “Open house day” First, Thai students from Kasetsart University, they came for doing research about the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Secondary, a group of nine Master students of Geography from the University of Erlangen, Germany. They are currently doing a small field trip through Southeast Asia. […]

Experience sharing for the SHOM group

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22 Feb 19-Again, we are delighted and very honored to share our experience on self-sufficient and organic gardening for the SHOM group (spouses of heads of mission/Ambassadors), at the Dutch Residence. We would like to thank you Madam Rade, the spouse of the Dutch Ambassador for your invitation.

Earthworm raising for earthworm compost and food waste management

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•put the earthworm in tank 5inches-heightblackbasin,drawer or cement One basincan raise 500 earthworms or about 2 kilograms of earthworms •for preventing the earthworm crawl out , Cover with the plastic net and it also help to protect ant and insect , sunlight -1stlayer :manure -2ndlayer : vegetables 3rdlayer : sunlight protector such as coconut shell powder , newspaper  , leaves Food […]

Mushroom cultivation in one square meter space

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•Place the house  in sunshade/ under trees •1 sq.m. space  can put up to  to 100 mushroom spawns •Placing the spawn : sloping  the spawn down for preventing water get inside when watering •There aretwo types of mushroom ; growing in warm condition and cool condition Growning in cool condition  types ex. Oyster mushroom , Indian mushroom , Abalone mushroom […]


Growing Rice in cement tank

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One cement tank using 1 sq.m. and provides 1 kilogram of paddy Growing rice in 10tanks using 10 sq.m. We’ll get 10 kilograms of paddy   If We grow  4 times a year we’ll get 40 kilograms of paddy ,after milling we’ll get 25 kilograms of rice Which is 40% of the consumption of one person in one year

Food Respect Tour

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July 1, 2017 – Mr Ben Liegey (French) currently doing a world tour of 1,000 days in over 30 countries, which participate in different initiatives around organic food, urban farming and zero food waste let us be one of his food tours.