About us

About Grandpa Urban Farm

Grandpa Urban Farm is an old fashion wooden house with 400 sq.m of green area, located in Bangkok. Grandpa Urban farm is named in honor of Grandpa Sudthi Omune: the original  owner of this house. Nowadays, Grandpa Urban Farm mainly aims to be a learning center and a role model for sustainable living in the city.

Grandpa Urban Farm aims to produce foods for domestic consumption and to apply appropriate technologies and local innovation for sustainable living in the city.

We also adopt the concept of Urban Metabolism in an attempt to change from linear metabolism to circular metabolism by using multi-resources such as rain harvesting and solar energy. We promote the Cascading and Recycling methods for closing resources and waste loop within the area. For instance, reusing wastewater from a house for gardening and making a composting from food waste and garden waste. 


Grandpa Urban Farm Closing Cycle

We focus on three main ideas

Natural urban food production

Energy and water management

Natural handmade product

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